What’s with the huge popup on our site?

Nikita lounges in Act III Suntan during a summer day in Pennsylvania.

Since we started our summer sale promotion during the first week in August, the orders have come rushing in like a water slide at a theme park.

Yet, so far, fewer than half of those who’ve placed orders actually applied the coupon code for the 33% off discount.  In every case, we refund to each customer’s PayPal account the difference he or she should have saved.

How could so many respondents not take advantage of the discount, which we have to presume is the reason they came to place orders in the first place?  Via email, we sent thousands of notices to our customers from all across the world, telling them about the sale.  And, there’s a yellow banner across the top of our website announcing the big discount.

Since so many don’t seem to notice, we asked one of our customers who’s a professional graphic artist to make the banner stand out more.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that on our website, so instead, he designed and installed that huge popup.  Now, it seems impossible for anyone to miss the point about our 33% off sale.  (If you already know about the sale, or just want to peruse the website, you can easily X out of the popup, or click to be taken directly to the order form.)


Of the thousands of email letters we sent our customers informing them of the sale, about one third of them came back to us as nondeliverable.  How can that be when these are the email addresses our customers use when they correspond or place orders with us?  Are they giving us ones they don’t really use?  We’ve asked many times for accurate email addresses, specifically, so we can pass along important information.

And here’s another thing:  Of the hundreds of PayPal refunds we’ve issued as a courtesy to those who didn’t apply the coupon code, guess how many people subsequently thanked us, or even acknowledged that we applied to their accounts the savings they missed?  One (1).

What is wrong with people today?   We didn’t have to go to the trouble.  We could have just deposited their money.

It’s a different world today.  One in which it seems most people are totally self-centered.  Seemingly, they think the worst about everything, are suspicious of everyone, and think the world owes them something, yet, they don’t appreciate anything when something good happens for them.

That’s sad, but all we want to do is put more ladies in pantyhose.  And, with our 33% discount, we think your hot legs will make you feel a little cooler.

One thought on “What’s with the huge popup on our site?

  1. Well, I know for me, I’d rather see you remain in business and putting more of your fabulous pantyhose on women’s legs than get that great discount. I buy your product because they are the best nylons ever! Price be damned.

    Still, I feel your frustration with people not even acknowledging not only your extra effort but your generosity. I guess shoppers have just come to expect it. Think of the big box stores and you are paying at the checkout counter and the employee asks if you have any coupons. You reply, “No” and the employee quickly says, “That’s ok. I have one right here” and quickly scans it. So in a way, maybe that is what people are thinking when you so graciously apply the discount even though people aren’t entering the code? They forget this is a small operation and while we benefit from a lot of technology in this day and age that does things for us without even thinking, they don’t realize that you are doing this and not some computer program.

    So from me to you, I say a sincere thank you. Keep up the great work!

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