Summer sale not for beauty pageant delegates

Recently, we’ve noticed a little confusion on the part of a few of our beauty pageant ladies regarding the summer promotion we are running through Sept. 21.

There have been a few cases in which the newer delegates of some of the Mrs. America state beauty pageant organizations we sponsor are applying the summer sale discount of 33%, rather than the 66% discount they should enjoy.

We can see how this is happening. We created a huge popup ad that jumps out at visitors to our website because so many customers were missing the whole summer promo deal, and so it makes sense that a pageant delegate who is new to ActSensuous might apply that coupon code during Checkout.

Chanthy Birch, a delegate within the Mrs. Idaho-America beauty pageant, takes the stage during a recent competition, wearing our Act II Suntan.

Delegates, please don’t apply that summer promo coupon code. Instead, X out of the popup ad and click on the Beauty Pageant Delegates Only tab across the top of our website. That’s where you will find the NewAct IV pantyhose, which we designed specifically with our beauty pageant delegates in mind.

If you don’t know the coupon code for 66% off your order, please ask your pageant organization director. Or, for that and any other questions, please send an email message to


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