Summer promotion extended

Hi Everyone,

Professional model Shazel wearing NewAct IV Nude

Professional model Shazel wearing NewAct IV Nude

Because of the popularity of our 30 percent off summer promotion (even though summer ends and fall begins around Sept. 22), we are extending the sale until the end of the month.

So, with your order of six (6) pairs of NewAct IV, you can take 30% off between now and Sept. 30.  Just enter code sumpro30 at Checkout.

Note: Applying the code can be a bit confusing.  The first time you see “Apply Coupon” is on the Shopping Cart page.  Don’t bother clicking that, as it won’t do anything.  Instead, apply your coupon code at the Checkout page, which comes up next in the process.

You’ll see this:  “Have a coupon?  Click here to enter your code” (just click on that link, fill in the code in the little window that appears, and then click the “Apply Coupon” box.)  You will see an indication that you’ve applied your code successfully.

If you have any difficulty, please let me know.


First you’ve heard?

If you’re wondering why you didn’t know about the promotion in the first place, it’s probably because we don’t have your current email address on file.  Many of you have been with us since our beginning, and if you haven’t written to us in a while, we likely have an outdated email address on you.