Secret to applying a coupon code here

Whether you’re a delegate within one of the many beauty pageant organizations we sponsor, or a customer ready to place an order during a special we’re running, applying a coupon code here can be a bit confusing.  Possibly, even frustrating.

From the WooCommerce order form, the first time you’ll see “Apply Coupon” is on the Shopping Cart page.  Please don’t bother clicking that.  It won’t do anything.  (It’s a glitch in the system.)  Instead, apply your coupon code at the Checkout page, which comes up next in the process.

You’ll see this: “Have a coupon code?  Click here to enter your code.”   Just click on that link, fill in the code in the little window that appears, and click in the “Apply Coupon” box.  You will see an indication that you’ve applied your code successfully.

If you have any difficulty, don’t worry.  Just send me an email to let me know.  Actually, you can’t go wrong because even if you don’t apply the coupon successfully, I will see that on our end and will simply refund the discount difference back to your PayPal account.