Act IV Lt. Taupe

Original Act IV Light Taupe

$13.50 $3.00

Original Act IV, by their design, are too delicate and likely will run upon first putting them on. The run originates at the U-seam and proceeds down the inside thigh a bit.

If you intended to order Original Act IV for a practical application, such as the office place or a formal venue, they probably are not suitable.

On the other hand, if you want Original Act IV for a little fun … there is NOTHING better. Act IV are the softest, silkiest and most decidedly sexy pantyhose available anywhere in the world.

All Original Act IV products are discontinued and have now been marked down to $3.00.  They have been replaced by our NewAct IV line.

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Product Description

Original Act IV pantyhose are completely sheer-to-waist.

They have no finger band and no gusset panel whatsoever. They are made in a luxurious 100% nylon yarn designed in a one-stitch selection from waist to toe for complete evenness in fabric and shade.

Note: Before you place an order, please see Product description above.


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