Not learning about our promotions?

Feb. 10, 2017 — Our Valentine’s Day 50% discount promotion has been a huge success.  A win-win for you and us.

And, it’s not over yet.  Even though you likely won’t be able to receive an order made tonight or before noon on Saturday, the promotion runs through midnight on Tuesday Feb. 14.  So feel free to order for yourself while you still can enjoy the half-off sale.

The promotion also taught us something a bit disturbing:  Many of you aren’t learning about our promos in the first place.  Ahead of our Valentine’s Day sale, we conducted a mass emailing campaign to all our customers from practically everywhere in the world,  yet, more than half of the customers who placed orders had no idea about the 50% discount.

This was evident from the hundreds of orders that were placed, in which customers did not take advantage of the 50% discount.  Of course, when this occurred, we refunded the difference back to the customers’ PayPal accounts.  But the issue is the great number of those who just didn’t get the memo.

Let me stress again, then, the importance of providing an accurate email address (one you actually use) when filling out the forms to place an order.   Remember, we will almost never contact you.  The only exceptions would be if there were an issue with your order, and to notify you of a special promotion.

Also, you might wish to monitor our website from time to time and read my blog for news about upcoming events or specials.

I’m not sure about the next several months, but I can guarantee you that we’ll have another promotion around Christmastime.