ActSensuous bracing for major hurricane

September 2017

ActSensuous is preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, expected to make landfall early Sunday morning in south Florida as a Category 4 hurricane, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Then, forecasters say, Irma will move up the west or gulf coast of Florida as a Cat 3 hurricane. Of course, as hurricanes are unpredictable, a day ago, it looked more like Irma would veer up Florida’s east coast, or even go straight up the state.

Either way, with hurricane wind force stretching about 70 miles wide, much of central Florida will be impacted by severe weather.

As we surely will lose power here, effectively, we will be out of business for at least a few days.

Our thanks to those who’ve sent their best wishes to us via emails or comments here and on my blog during the past several hours.

We look forward to serving you again soon.

Robin & staff
(all still wearing pantyhose, of course)
(no excuses)

A “real girl who loves pantyhose,” Mylani, wears our NewAct IV in Nude, while chilling at a park in Pennsylvania.

ActSensuous discount makes it cool to look hot

August 2017

Can’t bear the heat?

Only those in the “bear”-legs camp would use that as a justification for not wearing  pantyhose.  Of course, you know that’s a very flimsy excuse, as everyone rides to work in an air-conditioned automobile, and the air is always blasting in the office.

Still, we’re making it cooler for you to look HOT.  Right now through Sept. 21, 2017 (the end of summer), our NewAct IV are on sale for only $9.05; $10.05 for size 2X.  That’s a 33% discount.

Please place your orders the usual way, but at Checkout, enter coupon code sum33 for your cool savings.

Enjoy, and ActSensuous!


Valentine’s Day the perfect opportunity to give her/him ActSensuous pantyhose

Jan. 23, 2017 — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (Feb. 14).  It’ll be here before you know it.  Don’t let it sneak up on you, causing you to search frantically for a last-minute gift.

Guys, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy your girlfriend/wife ActSensuous pantyhose, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity.

There are even a few justifications you can cite:

  • Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and you wanted her to have the most decidedly feminine pantyhose to wear with (whatever else you give her, which had better be something nice.  How about a teddy or other lingerie item?)
  • You buy her a fabulous dress or a pair of amazing high heels and take her to a swanky restaurant.  Even if she doesn’t typically wear pantyhose, she’ll know that this occasion warrants it, but she’ll let herself off the hook because she doesn’t own a pair.  You give her the NewAct IV gift last.  (Problem solved.)
  • You tell her nothing would make your Valentine’s Day more special than her wearing the NewAct IV for you at least once.

Ladies, there are a couple of scenarios in which you can help your husband/boyfriend:

  • Buy NewAct IV and wrap them up as your gift for him to give to you.  Then, you can convince him to take you out for a night on the town, and home for more romance.
  • Whether you go out or not, if you give him NewAct IV (for you to wear for him), he will count that among the greatest gifts he’s ever received in his life.

Ladies and gentlemen, starting tomorrow, NewAct IV will be on sale at half price until midnight on Feb. 14.  Just our way of helping you celebrate the most romantic day of the year.




NewAct IV greets the world today

April 2016 — We did it.

We did what other U.S. pantyhose manufacturers said couldn’t be done. Yet, here they are: The NewAct IV, featuring all the design parameters we tried in 2014.

Professional model, Sofie, appears in the New Act IV Nude.

Professional model, Sofie, appears in                NewAct IV Nude.

Well, all those U.S. pantyhose manufacturers actually were right. No one here could make my design (100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist, with a one-stitch design for evenness in color and fabric from waist to toe, and with no reinforced areas).

But our friends in China can. And they did. We provided the design parameters and they made New Act IV exactly as requested the first time.

When we first launched the original Act IV in March 2014, we had made them in that design, but they were so delicate, they would run upon first putting them on.  We learned then that it takes special knitting and sewing machines that were available only in China, Japan and Italy.  So we called on our friends in China and they worked with us to make our dream product happen.

Today, 2 years and a month after unsuccessfully introducing the original Act IV, we are launching NewAct IV, only this time, they passed some Ninja Warrior-like testing, and they simply do not run. I tested the very first samples and wore the same pair five days in a row (yes, I washed them between wears), and even I was surprised at how well they held up.

New Act IV deserves its own identity, including a new package.

NewAct IV deserves its own identity, including a new package.

Then, some of our professional models and a few of our favorite customers tested them. Everyone found the same thing — NewAct IV just don’t run. So we made many thousands of them. We began manufacturing them in November 2015 and now in April 2016, after traveling by sea, air and roads to get here, after passing through customs, and our paying import fees and taxes seemingly at every turn, the NewAct IV are here for you.

I thought about just keeping the name, Act IV, but everything about these pantyhose are new. Yes, my design concept is the same, but everything is done differently. After all the NewAct IV have gone through, they deserve their own identity.

I want to thank all those on our team who worked so hard to make this happen, including Joe P., Deb R., David J., and our new VP, Rosemary C.

More than anything, I want to thank our thousands of loyal customers who waited these 2 years, but kept in touch, letting us know they would wait. Many of them encouraged us and asked us not to give up. So many of you maintained such a positive demeanor, it kept us motivated the whole way.

For all of you, NewAct IV is here. Enjoy and ActSensuous.


November 2014 — For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with our R&D and Quality Assurance teams to redesign Act IV, as they have a propensity to run from the center seam, down the inside thigh, upon first putting them on.

The issue is I created Act IV to be ultra delicate, but that concept has flaws, which are inherent in my design. The challenge is my wanting to keep Act IV unlike most other brands and styles of pantyhose available on the market.

Everyone else uses spandex, reinforced areas and/or a gusset panel. Making Act IV in 100 percent nylon (no spandex), with no reinforced areas and no gusset panel is what makes ActSensuous different. That’s why our pantyhose are the softest, silkiest and sexiest available anywhere in the world.

But because they so easily run upon first putting them on, we need to make some changes to the design. I’ve been unwilling to compromise regarding the core design principles of ActSensuous, so for now, we at least are experimenting with different ideas. So far, we’ve tried adding 3 inches in length to each size so the wearer won’t have to tug too hard to get the pantyhose up to the crotch, and we’ve slightly tightened the knit to make the fabric a bit more durable. Neither has solved the problem, so now, we are experimenting with the center seam itself.

The problem is that with no reinforced panel or spandex in the panty-area of Act IV, there is nothing on which to sew the center seam, except the delicate all-nylon fabric we use from waist to toe. This is why the seam fails when the pantyhose are pulled onto the body, producing the run down the inside thigh.

The obvious solutions are creating a T-bar (a reinforced panel that runs vertically from the waistband down the center of the panty-area to the crotch). Typically, a T-bar is maybe about 4 inches wide, and it’s reinforced enough to sew the center seam on securely. It might be possible to make it less reinforced and not that wide.

Or, we might be able to forego the T-bar and just make a thicker, stronger center seam. Then again, we might try a different seam design altogether — perhaps a flat seam, which is popular in Europe.

In this picture at right, do you like the flat seam design? I am intrigued by it, probably mostly because it’s different, but also because it is rather elegant looking.

Right now, we’re brainstorming ideas and experimenting with designs. Of course, the goal always is being able to keep Act IV 100 percent nylon and completely sheer-to-waist.

Until we resolve this issue, I recommend that you don’t order Act IV.

If you really, really want to, of course, we’ll fill your order. We just don’t want you to be disappointed.

Changes to design of Act IV under way

October 2014 — Designed to be the softest, sheerest pantyhose available anywhere in the world, Act IV are very delicate.  Make that, too delicate.  It has become clear that we need to find a way to give Act IV a little muscle.

For some of you, that is good news.  For others, it might signal a little concern.

Either way, don’t worry.  The changes we are making to Act IV will not affect their core design principles.  They still will be made in a luxurious 100 percent nylon fabric, and will remain completely sheer-to-waist, with no gusset panel.

The changes will make Act IV more durable, but they will be subtle.  What we are not going to do is add spandex, a T-bar, or other reinforced areas around the center seam. Rather, my R&D and Quality teams and I are experimenting with different degrees of tension in the stitching processes to decrease the stress on the U-seam when being pulled onto the body and through wearing.

Also, we are adding a few inches in length to each size.  This, too, should help to lessen the stress on the fabric when tugging to get the pantyhose up to the crotch (which had caused the center seam to break away, producing a run down the inside thigh area).

Right now, samples are being made for wear testing.  We will distribute these samples to our professional models and a few of our longtime customers for their evaluation.  Once we are satisfied that Act IV are more durable, yet, still the softest and sheerest pantyhose out there, we will produce quantities for sale.

We’ll find a way to code the new version of Act IV to distinguish them from the original line, and then mark down the first version to move them out.  Of course, you’ll know when that time comes, as we’ll make the announcement here.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried our current Act IV line, we recommend that you don’t, as they are just too fragile.  Of course, we can’t stop anyone from placing orders for Act IV. Those of you who haven’t experienced any issues or know what to expect out of Act IV certainly are welcome to continue ordering them.

In any case, just know that we are all over this.  Stay tuned.

Act IV and all-new website make debut

March 2014 — For only the third time since we started in 2001, ActSensuous has developed a new product, and simultaneously launched a brand new website.

Thirteen years in the making, Act IV represents my grandest vision for pantyhose. It’s the product I’d always wanted to make, but never could until now.

Of course, ActSensuous will always make only 100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose. So what’s different about Act IV? Almost everything. We took the best of what you love about Act II and Act III and we made it better. And we eliminated the little things about both products that sometimes annoyed me.

Our customers from almost every country on the planet always told us they loved the soft fabric of Act II, but that was blown away by Act III. They said no pantyhose were as silky smooth as Act III. Until now.

Act IV are made in a premium nylon fabric that is luxuriously soft and silky. But where Act II and Act III sometimes had issues with unintended cross-stitch applications, Act IV will have none of that. Act IV are constructed in a one-stitch selection from waist to toe for complete evenness in fabric and shade.

Breaking the rules

As I said earlier, Act IV is the product I always wanted to make, but never could until now. This time, I convinced our R&D, Quality Control and Production departments to get rid of the one thing they all insisted pantyhose must have – the finger band. That’s the reinforced (shaded) area that sits just below the waistband. It is designed to prevent one from puncturing the fabric with the thumb when putting on the pantyhose. That’s out of here now. (So please be careful when putting Act IV on, or I’ll have to eat crow.)

I’ve always wanted ActSensuous to be the most completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose available anywhere in the world, and now, finally, they are. But I didn’t stop there. I also designed a new flatter, softer, more comfortable waistband. Now, you have a waistband and nothing but completely sheer-to-waist nylon from there to the toe.

And when I say completely sheer-to-waist, you already know what that means: Like Act II and Act III, our brand new Act IV have no reinforced areas and no gusset panel – just a delicate little seam that separates you from the rest of the world.

Finally, (and you know this), when I say 100 percent nylon, I mean just that. You will not find Lycra/spandex in any ActSensuous style of pantyhose. That’s another area where I always caused nightmares for our R&D, Quality and Production people. They all insist pantyhose have to be made with Lycra/spandex. They are brainwashed by conventional thinking, believing that the man-made elasticin is necessary for durability and fit. WRONG! I’ve proved over and over again that when we use a premium quality all-nylon fabric and knit it a little tighter, you don’t need the support effects that Lycra/spandex provides.

Softest & Silkiest ever

I have always believed pantyhose that are truly all-nylon not only look more beautiful, but are sexier to the touch. ActSensuous pantyhose actually move on the body to the touch. It’s like a delicate second skin, only silkier and sexier. It feels amazing when you run your hands across legs adorned in our pantyhose.

But let me state for the record: Act IV are designed and intended to be extremely delicate. You can wear them for everyday use … but I wouldn’t recommend you wrestle in them.

At least for now, we are offering Act IV in only the basic colors, which history shows us is what you want: Black, Light Taupe, Nude and Suntan. The sizes are what you’re accustomed to, as well.

I did all this, with one more goal in mind – to keep the retail price under $15. I believe Act IV are every bit as luxurious and awesome as the brands/styles that sell for $25 to more than $100 a pair.

Hundreds of our customers from all over the world have been writing and asking when will Act IV be available? The wait is over. They are here.

I said in the opening paragraph that Act IV are 13 years in the making because I created ActSensuous in 2001 and have been striving to improve our product ever since. And when I designed and actually created my vision for the perfect pantyhose in February 2013, fittingly I suppose, it took 13 months for Act IV to become a reality. I had no idea then, that it would take this kind of effort and collaboration on everyone’s part to bring Act IV to you.

Now they’re here. And as I always say … Enjoy and ActSensuous!

Launch of Act IV signals end of Act II and Act III

March 2014 — With the creation of Act IV, my vision for the perfect pantyhose, we are discontinuing our Act II and Act III lines.

This means huge savings for you, as we have drastically reduced the prices of Act II and Act III in order to make room for Act IV. I loved Act II and Act III, but along the way, our factory in North Carolina experienced some technical issues in manufacturing the two lines.

In one case, we found that the nylon fabric we were using for Act III was so delicate they were being ripped in the production process. For that reason, we experimented with a separate nylon mesh fabric for just the panty area, but the result was in the darker colors the shading didn’t always match with the legs, meaning we no longer could claim Act III were “completely” sheer to waist. Of course, they were, but I didn’t like the shading issues.

We responded by reducing the retail price of Act III from $12 per pair to $6 a pair.

With Act II, an unintended cross-stitch once crept into the production process, resulting in the panty or upper thigh areas of Act II getting just slightly reinforced.

Part of the problem with both Act II and Act III was that we didn’t discover the issues until we already had integrated new inventory with existing inventory. And since they are packaged during the production process, our fulfillment team in Florida had no idea which pairs were which, meaning sometimes the customer would get the perfect pairs and sometimes they’d get the ones that were slightly off.

I used this as an excuse to finally design and create what I wanted all along – pantyhose that would be completely sheer in fabric and shade from waistband to toe, but to accomplish that, I first had to change the production process. And to ensure that no one got confused at the factory, I decided to just do away with both the Act II and Act III altogether.

Now, since we are no longer going to make Act II and Act III, we are selling off existing inventory at drastically reduced prices. Act III are at only $3 a pair, and Act II are from $4 to $2 each (mostly to get rid of colors that were never great sellers).

In most cases, the Act II pairs are perfect, and in many cases, so are the Act III pairs. Either way, you can enjoy some tremendous savings. They are being sold as-is, while they last.

Oh, and since both lines have been discontinued, we stopped making the fashionpaks a while back, meaning some of the pairs in existing inventory are in just the cardboard insert and plastic overwrap right off the assembly line. Those pairs are no different from the others. They just don’t have the pretty packaging.

For longtime fans of Act II and Act III, don’t be too sad to see them go. Act IV have the best qualities of both of those lines, a couple of new and better features, and absolutely none of the minor issues.


Redesign of Act III under way

Aug. 16, 2012 – We’ve gone back to the drawing board and reinvented Act III.
When we’re done, Act III will be even better than my original vision.

It’s a huge undertaking, but all-new Act III should be a reality by Christmas.
When it happens, you’ll know about it here, and on a redesigned
Products page of our website.

Design change to Act III changes everything

May 15, 2012 – Our Manufacturing department in North Carolina no longer can make
Act III completely sheer from waist to toe. That’s because the nylon fabric we’re using
is too delicate to survive intact during the machining processes.

The solution was thought to be making the panty area of Act III in a practically
invisible nylon mesh material, which was intended to blend with the colors
of the legs. And in the lighter colors, it often does. In the darker colors, not so much.
The problem is that some of the pairs in some of the colors in Act III
now appear to have a slightly shaded panty area, especially in our Coffee color.

Since the packaging for Act III also is done at the plant in North Carolina,
when inventory is shipped to our office in Florida, it is added to existing
inventory. This means we have no idea which Act III pairs have the new
nylon mesh material in the panty area, and which ones don’t. And we don’t have
the time or resources to open each fashionpak and spot-check the pantyhose
before sending an order out to a customer. If we were to attempt this,
it would mean opening each fashionpak, removing the pantyhose, holding them
up to a light source and stretching the fabric enough to see if the nylon mesh
material in the panty area matches the legs area.

So technically, Act III no longer can be described as “completely sheer-to-waist.”
My first instinct was to pull them from the website altogether, but I didn’t
want to deprive our customers from all across the world of the opportunity
to order the product they love, especially because now there is a newer
texture to the legs area of Act III, which is absolutely gorgeous,
and the feel is softer and silkier than ever.


So, what I’ve done is drastically reduce the price of Act III from its original
$12 a pair to only $6 a pair. If you order Act III, there’s as good a chance
that you’ll get some pairs that are right as there is that you’ll get some that are wrong.
I’m reducing the price mostly to move out all the existing inventory, while I go back
to the drawing board to reinvent Act III in the image I created back in 2009.

So here’s the bottom line: If you love the look and feel of the legs of Act III
and you’re OK with possibly getting some pairs that have a slighly shaded panty
area, go ahead and order them. You’ll enjoy them at a much lower price
than before. But if you want to be assured of getting 100 percent nylon
(no Lycra, no Spandex), completely sheer-to-waist (no gusset panel)
pantyhose, you should order Act II. They’ve been this way since 2002.

Thank you for your patience and understanding about this issue, and rest assured
that Act III are going to be reborn in a way that will make them even sheerer
and sexier than ever before.

Valentine’s Day sale a tremendous success

Feb. 15, 2012 – The response to our first-ever sale was amazing.
We wanted to do something special in honor of Valentine’s Day,
and we did that and so much more. Many of our longtime customers
took advantage of the savings and stocked up on their favorite colors,
while a record number of first-time customers gave us a try.

To those who bought ActSensuous to give to that special someone
on Valentine’s Day, please write to us and let us know how
things turned out. Guys, tell us: Was she surprised? Did she wear
our beautiful, sexy pantyhose for you? Think you’ve turned her now?
Ladies, did you wrap ActSensuous up and give to him to give to you?
Did he love it? Was it the thrill for him (and you) that you were anticipating?

If you’d like to share your stories, please write to our vice president, Angela,

Special pricing on ActSensuous for Valentine’s Day

Feb. 1, 2012 – Trying to think of the perfect gift for your honey on Valentine’s Day?

Guys, it’s the most romantic day of the year. What are you going to get her?
Let’s see … there’s the classic red roses. Yeah, that’d be nice. There’s always a box
of chocolates. Yum. Perfume maybe. I know, a teddy or some cute jammies.

Dude, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY. Here’s your chance: Give her ActSensuous.
What better occasion to let her know how much it’d mean to you if she’d wear
pantyhose? On this day, there’s no way she’d refuse. And once she tries ActSensuous
and sees how it affects you, maybe she’ll agree to wear for you on a regular basis.

Ladies, what do you think he really wants on Valentine’s Day? A tie? Chocolates?
A fancy dinner? Maybe. But do you want to know what he REALLY wants?
Here’s what 99 percent of the male population almost never gets but longs for:
To see their wives or girlfriends in their loveliest and most delicious state.
That means you in a fabulous dress, high heels AND PANTYHOSE.

If you want to really light him up on this most romantic of all days, do this:
Get yourself some ActSensuous and wrap them up as your gift to him to give to you.
Open them up and slip into the one thing most guys believe is the sexiest thing
a woman could ever wear. Why not do this for him on VALENTINE’S DAY?
That would be a gift he’ll remember forever.

ValentinesDay ad lge 2012

And to sweeten the deal, we’re offering our world-renowned beautiful and highly
sensuous pantyhose at half-price between Feb. 1 and Feb. 14, 2012.

Just click on the Products tab across the top of this page to get to our order form.
Then click the double hearts button (it’s just below the photos depicting the different
colors we offer and just above the drop-down menus for sizes).
When you click on the button, you’ll reach an access page where you must
enter a password (VD2012) to be connected to a dedicated Products page
where all prices are at 50 percent off.

Note: To insure you receive ActSensuous in time for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14),
you must allow 3 business days for shipping within the U.S.
We ship via Priority Mail by the USPS. Also, if you have any questions or
special receiving needs (like if you want the package shipped to a place other than
your billing address so that you can surprise your honey), please send an email

Of course, we also ship to every corner of the world, but Priority Mail usually
is not available and it can take 10 or more days to receive your package.
So, to our many hundreds of wonderful international customers, you can order
ActSensuous for Valentine’s Day, but you might get them late.


ActSensuous partners with Mrs. America state beauty pageants

Sept. 2011 – We’ve created a dedicated Products page on our website
for contestants of some Mrs. America state beauty pageants. You’ll see the special
blue button at the bottom of the current Products page. (It’s below the photos
depicting the different colors we offer and just above the drop-down menus for sizes.)

When you click on the button, you’ll reach a special access page where you’ll
enter a password to be connected to the dedicated Products page to receive a
special discount. Please see the director of your organization for the password.

Kristie Bear _280

Pictured above is Kristie Bear, winner of the 2011 Mrs. Idaho America pageant.
Kristie is wearing ActSensuous Suntan in Act II.

Thanks to a few delegates who already were customers, ActSensuous was
invited in February last year to become an official sponsor and exclusive pantyhose
supplier to several Mrs. America state beauty pageant organizations.

Every state has an organization of married women who compete for the
Mrs. America state crown and the ultimate title of Mrs. America National and World.

Here’s what a couple of Mrs. Idaho America delegates have written:


“LOVE, love, love these outstanding pantyhose. A must for every contest. Thanks.” – Cookie Watts


“I appreciated your professionalism in handling this matter. You are a sweetheart.  You are a wonderful sponsor. I couldn’t have added this chapter of my life without your help.  Thank you.” – Debbie Brown

ActSensuous is proud to be part of some Mrs. America state beauty pageant
organizations. If you are a delegate or a director of a pageant, and would like to
have ActSensuous as a sponsor/supplier, please contact us.

I have assigned one of our executives to serve as a dedicated resource to the
Mrs. America state beauty pageant organizations. She’s our vice president,
Angela. Please email her at


Act III official

June 2011 – At last, Act III, our brand new line, are ready, willing and able.
Made in an incredibly luxurious nylon fabric, they are the softest, sheerest and
sexiest pantyhose available anywhere. We have them in Cinnamon, Coffee, Nude,
a very sheer Pink, and Suntan. Other colors may be available soon.

Like Act II, the new Act III are 100 percent nylon and completely sheer to waist.
The difference is Act III are made in a looser knit, so the fabric moves easily to the touch.

Act III aren’t here to replace Act II, which we’ve offered since 2001, but rather are
intended to give our customers another choice. For those who miss the pantyhose of
“days gone by,” Act III are what you’ve longed for.

Act III look and feel like the L’eggs and No Nonsense brands of the 1970s (and not since).
They are delicate and delicious. You will love the way they look and feel on your legs,
and your significant other will love how they feel, too, especially as the fabric
moves to the touch on your legs.

Yes, Act III are gorgeous and ultra sexy. And, the lovely ladies who wear them likely
will be seen occasionally adjusting the fabric on their legs a bit (just like back in the day).
Act III sell for a little more, but they are soooooo worth it. You will be amazed.


Here’s some customer feedback about Act III:

E.M. of Virginia writes (4/20/2011):

“My wife finally tried on your hosiery today and she loves them. I felt them on her legs
and they were so soft and sheer. She has always worn mostly support pantyhose
with lycra and spandex and they feel nothing like ActSensuous sheer nylon pantyhose.
If I was to describe ActSensuous pantyhose, they would be called ultra, ultra soft
sheer to waist 100% nylon pantyhose. By the way, I was wondering if there
will be more colors in Act III in the future ? I would love to see
jet brown, off black, ivory, and off coffee or soft coffee in that style.
Thanks for a great line of hosiery.”

C.M. of the UK writes (9/25/2010):

“Wow. Your Act III pantyhose are truly outstanding. Soon as I got them out of the packet,
the first impression was high quality. Very easy to put on … a sign of good quality pantyhose.
The waist and leg length are perfect for me.

They make my legs look great, with a flawless even colour to my legs. They are incredibly
comfortable to wear. The 100 percent nylon fabric is out of this world … wonderful against your skin.

A very positive experience. People do not know what they are missing.”


Let’s talk Pantyhose

Want to know Why Bears Don’t Wear Pantyhose? See the new feature in
The ActSensuous Blog, where we hand out the Grizzly Awards to celebs
who are famous for always going with the “bear” legs look.


Of course, there’s also our feature, Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due, where you’ll see
your favorite celebrity recognized and praised for being a devoted pantyhose wearer.

Each month or so, I rant and rave about pantyhose in the ActSensuous Blog.
I present my take and try to initiate discussions on pantyhose as they relate to
everyday life, celebrities/actresses/entertainers on TV shows and in movies,
the effects of cultural issues, and about the state of the pantyhose industry in general.

But it’s your comments that make it fun. I love when you weigh in on a discussion,
suggest a topic, nominate a celeb for the Grizzly Awards, or point out a star
who should be given Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due.

New to the whole blogging thing? Here’s a few things you should know:
You don’t have to subscribe to anything. You don’t even have to be
an ActSensuous customer (most of our readers aren’t.) You can
even post a comment about someone else’s comment.

And your identity remains completely anonymous. Only I (as the blog administrator)
will see your email address. Once your comment is published,
readers will see only the name you choose and your comment. It’s that simple.

So c’mon, let’s talk pantyhose together …