Launch of Act IV signals end of Act II and Act III

With the creation of Act IV, my vision for the perfect pantyhose, we are discontinuing our Act II and Act III lines.

This means huge savings for you, as we have drastically reduced the prices of Act II and Act III in order to make room for Act IV. I loved Act II and Act III, but along the way, our factory in North Carolina experienced some technical issues in manufacturing the two lines.

In one case, we found that the nylon fabric we were using for Act III was so delicate they were being ripped in the production process. For that reason, we experimented with a separate nylon mesh fabric for just the panty area, but the result was in the darker colors the shading didn’t always match with the legs, meaning we no longer could claim Act III were “completely” sheer to waist. Of course, they were, but I didn’t like the shading issues.

We responded by reducing the retail price of Act III from $12 per pair to $6 a pair.

With Act II, an unintended cross-stitch once crept into the production process, resulting in the panty or upper thigh areas of Act II getting just slightly reinforced.

Part of the problem with both Act II and Act III was that we didn’t discover the issues until we already had integrated new inventory with existing inventory. And since they are packaged during the production process, our fulfillment team in Florida had no idea which pairs were which, meaning sometimes the customer would get the perfect pairs and sometimes they’d get the ones that were slightly off.

I used this as an excuse to finally design and create what I wanted all along – pantyhose that would be completely sheer in fabric and shade from waistband to toe, but to accomplish that, I first had to change the production process. And to ensure that no one got confused at the factory, I decided to just do away with both the Act II and Act III altogether.

Now, since we are no longer going to make Act II and Act III, we are selling off existing inventory at drastically reduced prices. Act III are at only $3 a pair, and Act II are from $4 to $2 each (mostly to get rid of colors that were never great sellers).

In most cases, the Act II pairs are perfect, and in many cases, so are the Act III pairs. Either way, you can enjoy some tremendous savings. They are being sold as-is, while they last.

Oh, and since both lines have been discontinued, we stopped making the fashionpaks a while back, meaning some of the pairs in existing inventory are in just the cardboard insert and plastic overwrap right off the assembly line. Those pairs are no different from the others. They just don’t have the pretty packaging.

For longtime fans of Act II and Act III, don’t be too sad to see them go. Act IV have the best qualities of both of those lines, a couple of new and better features, and absolutely none of the minor issues.