Going in new direction with Act IV

April 2015 — So far, nothing we’ve tried has worked to solve Act IV’s issue with running upon first putting them on.

Professional model Melissa in Act IV Suntan. Notice the run on the inside of her right thigh.

Professional model Melissa in Act IV Suntan. Notice the run on the inside of her right thigh.

I designed Act IV to be the softest, sheerest, sexiest and most comfortable pantyhose available anywhere, but to accomplish all that, unfortunately, I made them too delicate.

Of course there are major design changes that would work, such as adding spandex, reinforced areas, or a T-bar, but I am not going to do any of those things.  ActSensuous always will be 100 percent nylon and completely sheer-to-waist.

There is one more trick up my sleeve, and it has nothing to do with compromising on the design of ActSensuous.  It might take a few more months to accomplish, but Act IV will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, we are advising that you don’t order Act IV, with one exception: While they wouldn’t be practical for the office, nothing would be better for a little fun in the bedroom than Act IV.

Stay tuned. When we relaunch Act IV, you’ll know about it here.

2 thoughts on “Going in new direction with Act IV

  1. Thank you for being honest and probably get some more in the mean time best of luck to you Robin and your staff..

  2. Dear Robin, I am suprised that I havent came across your website sooner, very impressive and classy… I am one of those guys that has to have all the reinforcements in my pantyhose,”I always had to be different” I wish I had the “magic cure” for the runner problem with your pantyhose but I dont. I have studied the manufacturing of pantyhose and the materials used in them and all I know, is that other than adding spandex etc.I dont think there is much you can do. I do occasionally buy silk stockings that are VERY expensive but seem a little stronger than 100% nylon

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