Feedback essential for success of new product

While I am trying to be the only girl (in Florida anyway) who wears pantyhose every day, no matter the venue, or the temperature, I rely more on what you say about product.  I’m too close to it to be impartial, and besides, all our styles are afraid of me.  I don’t have the same issues others sometimes do.

I am fortunate to have longtime loyal customers who occasionally make interesting observations, or alert me to problems.

The overwhelming majority of longtime and brand new customers have raved about Act IV, but then again, a few of you have pointed out some minor flaws.  Not sure why some pairs have issues and others don’t, but I want to hear about anything that isn’t perfect about our products.

A few of you have told me that Act IV runs too easily upon first putting them on.  It seems that I’ve made Act IV too delicate, and there may need to be some length added to the sizes.

Being barely 5 feet tall and weighing right at 100 pounds, I haven’t experienced this personally, but some who are bigger than me found that they had to pull Act IV up to reach the crotch, and that’s when the runs would occur at the center seam.

This kind of feedback is invaluable to me.  I’ve since gone back to our R&D and Quality Assurance departments and had samples made with 2 to 3 inches of length added to Act IV.  And, as much as this kills me to have to try, I’ve also asked that we tighten up the knit just a little.  These two factors should overcome Act IV’s propensity to run too easily.

I’ve sent samples to a few of my longtime customers/models, and to a brand new customer to test drive for me.  If the feedback is all positive, which I suspect it will be, the next batch of Act IV we make will be longer in length and have a closer knit.

Admittedly, I designed Act IV to be the ultimate in delicateness, however, if they run upon first putting them on, they aren’t going to do anyone any good.  Obviously, adding a little length to the fit will prevent the wearer from having to tug to get the pantyhose up to the crotch.  And the slightly tighter knit should make Act IV more durable overall.

Of course, the only downside to a slightly tighter knit is Act IV won’t move as easily on the leg and to the touch on the leg.  They still should do that, but just not as dramatically.  This was one of the features I wanted Act IV to have most, but again, I don’t want Act IV to run the minute you put them on.

My thanks to those of you who alerted me to this issue.

Feel free to share your views

Remember that I created Act IV because of my frustration with some inherent issues in Act II and Act III.  Those little annoyances (to me) have been documented, so I won’t go into them here.

One of the reasons I am blowing them out at ridiculous prices is because of those little issues.  And, as you know, at the prices we are offering now, they are sold as-is.  But …

If ever you encounter something that is obviously wrong about any product we offer, and you know it’s not right because you get what ActSensuous is all about, puh-leeeease don’t hesitate to tell me.

A case in point, a customer in the UK just opened up a couple of pairs of Act II and found they have a cotton gusset panel.  WHAT?  ActSensuous has never made this style and never will.

How could this happen?  Our factory in NC actually makes other styles on a contract basis for retailers in Asia mostly.  They are not ActSensuous pantyhose, just some of the same colors in mostly all nylon fabrics.

It appears some of these Brand X pairs accidentally found their way into ActSensuous packaging and got shipped to my facility in Florida.  Of course, I’d have no way of knowing these aren’t really ours because I don’t open the packaging and inspect each product.

It is vitally important to me that when you place an order with ActSensuous, you get genuine ActSensuous pantyhose.  If you ever get something that obviously is not what we make (100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose), please tell me immediately.  It’s the only way I’ll know about mistakes from the factory unless the particular pair I pick to wear has a flaw.

The customer in the UK got a refund the same day, and for the inconvenience, still got a replacement of those products.

So, with Act II and Act III, we know all about an occasional unevenness in the shading from the panty area to the legs.  That’s why they’re marked down drastically and sold as-is.  But if you ever find a cotton gusset panel in pantyhose in an ActSensuous package, that ain’t ours.  So please don’t hesitate to tell me.  If you’ll take a picture of it in it’s original packaging, I will make sure you get a refund or a replacement, or in some cases, both.

I hope you expect the best from ActSensuous.  I do.  And I want to keep it that way.  To do that, I need you to tell me if/when you think something’s not right.