Discreet shipping

Out of deference to your privacy, ActSensuous is always discreet in shipping our products.

For destinations within the United States, we typically ship via Priority Mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

A typical package and label ActSensuous sends out. Don't tell Nancy we showed you this.

A typical package and label ActSensuous sends out. Don’t tell Nancy we showed you this.

On our return label, we use Act IV, Act III, Act II, or ActS if there’s more than one style inside the package.

I personally send an email to each customer, telling him or her when the package was shipped, the expected delivery date and the USPS website and tracking number information.

I must say it’s a little disconcerting when I write each person a special email, yet, 95 percent of you don’t even acknowledge receiving it. The one’s who do, say they greatly appreciate the notification.

In any case, it got me thinking that I shouldn’t send the notifications, especially to the men who place orders because, perhaps, it’s a gift for a wife or girlfriend, and maybe he doesn’t want her to stumble upon the email, ruining the surprise.

For new customers anyway, I will continue to send out the notification emails, so let me say now: If you don’t want to be alerted (for whatever reason), please just send me an email after you place your order and ask me not to do it.

And for longtime customers  who do want your tracking number, feel free to send me an email requesting it.

International shipments

We have customers on every continent, in hundreds of countries — even in Bangladesh.

For our customers abroad, we ship via First-Class Pkg International by the USPS. We use the same kind of labels, but we have to fill out a Customs Declaration form, which gets attached to the package.

For the description, we always write “apparel.” That works as long as the package is under 4 pounds. When it’s more than 4 pounds, we have to fill out a longer form, which requires a detailed description of the contents.

While the USPS doesn’t offer tracking information for international shipments, I write an email to those customers, giving them the Customs form number, which sometimes offers some insight into the status of the package.