Summer sale not for beauty pageant delegates

Recently, we’ve noticed a little confusion on the part of a few of our beauty pageant ladies regarding the summer promotion we are running through Sept. 21.

There have been a few cases in which the newer delegates of some of the Mrs. America state beauty pageant organizations we sponsor are applying the summer sale discount of 33%, rather than the 66% discount they should enjoy.

We can see how this is happening. We created a huge popup ad that jumps out at visitors to our website because so many customers were missing the whole summer promo deal, and so it makes sense that a pageant delegate who is new to ActSensuous might apply that coupon code during Checkout.

Chanthy Birch, a delegate within the Mrs. Idaho-America beauty pageant, takes the stage during a recent competition, wearing our Act II Suntan.

Delegates, please don’t apply that summer promo coupon code. Instead, X out of the popup ad and click on the Beauty Pageant Delegates Only tab across the top of our website. That’s where you will find the NewAct IV pantyhose, which we designed specifically with our beauty pageant delegates in mind.

If you don’t know the coupon code for 66% off your order, please ask your pageant organization director. Or, for that and any other questions, please send an email message to


What’s with the huge popup on our site?

Nikita lounges in Act III Suntan during a summer day in Pennsylvania.

Since we started our summer sale promotion during the first week in August, the orders have come rushing in like a water slide at a theme park.

Yet, so far, fewer than half of those who’ve placed orders actually applied the coupon code for the 33% off discount.  In every case, we refund to each customer’s PayPal account the difference he or she should have saved.

How could so many respondents not take advantage of the discount, which we have to presume is the reason they came to place orders in the first place?  Via email, we sent thousands of notices to our customers from all across the world, telling them about the sale.  And, there’s a yellow banner across the top of our website announcing the big discount.

Since so many don’t seem to notice, we asked one of our customers who’s a professional graphic artist to make the banner stand out more.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to do that on our website, so instead, he designed and installed that huge popup.  Now, it seems impossible for anyone to miss the point about our 33% off sale.  (If you already know about the sale, or just want to peruse the website, you can easily X out of the popup, or click to be taken directly to the order form.)


Of the thousands of email letters we sent our customers informing them of the sale, about one third of them came back to us as nondeliverable.  How can that be when these are the email addresses our customers use when they correspond or place orders with us?  Are they giving us ones they don’t really use?  We’ve asked many times for accurate email addresses, specifically, so we can pass along important information.

And here’s another thing:  Of the hundreds of PayPal refunds we’ve issued as a courtesy to those who didn’t apply the coupon code, guess how many people subsequently thanked us, or even acknowledged that we applied to their accounts the savings they missed?  One (1).

What is wrong with people today?   We didn’t have to go to the trouble.  We could have just deposited their money.

It’s a different world today.  One in which it seems most people are totally self-centered.  Seemingly, they think the worst about everything, are suspicious of everyone, and think the world owes them something, yet, they don’t appreciate anything when something good happens for them.

That’s sad, but all we want to do is put more ladies in pantyhose.  And, with our 33% discount, we think your hot legs will make you feel a little cooler.

Secret to applying a coupon code here

Whether you’re a delegate within one of the many beauty pageant organizations we sponsor, or a customer ready to place an order during a special we’re running, applying a coupon code here can be a bit confusing.  Possibly, even frustrating.

From the WooCommerce order form, the first time you’ll see “Apply Coupon” is on the Shopping Cart page.  Please don’t bother clicking that.  It won’t do anything.  (It’s a glitch in the system.)  Instead, apply your coupon code at the Checkout page, which comes up next in the process.

You’ll see this: “Have a coupon code?  Click here to enter your code.”   Just click on that link, fill in the code in the little window that appears, and click in the “Apply Coupon” box.  You will see an indication that you’ve applied your code successfully.

If you have any difficulty, don’t worry.  Just send me an email to let me know.  Actually, you can’t go wrong because even if you don’t apply the coupon successfully, I will see that on our end and will simply refund the discount difference back to your PayPal account.

ActSensuous giving away multiple pairs of its pantyhose

Want a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose?  Free?

We’ve created two contests on Robin’s blog where readers/viewers are winning pairs of ActSensuous pantyhose every week.

Reader-submitted image

Send us one of your favorite pantyhose pictures.  (It could be one from the Internet, or an original.)  Note:  High resolution images only — at the very least (700w x 1,000h).  Note 2:  Please, clean and classy images only.

We will post it for one week.  Then, we will post another image the next week, and so on.  At the end of the month, the participant whose Reader-submitted image garnered the most comments from other readers will win a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose.

Gumball gaze — Professional model, Kayla, wearing Act IV Suntan, relaxes on a weekend, trying to read a book, but finding it difficult to focus with those colorful treats beckoning.

Caption! this …

Robin will post an image.  You write the caption for it.

Write the caption in the Comments section below the image.   We will run that image and all its captions for one week.  At the end of each week, the contestant whose caption garnered the most comments from other readers will win a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose.

Then, we will post another image the next week, and so on.

More details and rules for Reader-submitted image and Caption! this … are on Robin’s blog.

Have some fun with either or both contests, and you could win a pair of ActSensuous.

Visit Robin’s blog at


Not learning about our promotions?

Feb. 10, 2017 — Our Valentine’s Day 50% discount promotion has been a huge success.  A win-win for you and us.

And, it’s not over yet.  Even though you likely won’t be able to receive an order made tonight or before noon on Saturday, the promotion runs through midnight on Tuesday Feb. 14.  So feel free to order for yourself while you still can enjoy the half-off sale.

The promotion also taught us something a bit disturbing:  Many of you aren’t learning about our promos in the first place.  Ahead of our Valentine’s Day sale, we conducted a mass emailing campaign to all our customers from practically everywhere in the world,  yet, more than half of the customers who placed orders had no idea about the 50% discount.

This was evident from the hundreds of orders that were placed, in which customers did not take advantage of the 50% discount.  Of course, when this occurred, we refunded the difference back to the customers’ PayPal accounts.  But the issue is the great number of those who just didn’t get the memo.

Let me stress again, then, the importance of providing an accurate email address (one you actually use) when filling out the forms to place an order.   Remember, we will almost never contact you.  The only exceptions would be if there were an issue with your order, and to notify you of a special promotion.

Also, you might wish to monitor our website from time to time and read my blog for news about upcoming events or specials.

I’m not sure about the next several months, but I can guarantee you that we’ll have another promotion around Christmastime.



Act III flying out the door

It’s nice to see you taking advantage of the blowout prices on Act III.  They are rapidly disappearing.

We are updating the Products page of the website almost daily to ensure inventory is accurate and counting down properly.  So, if you see there are only 3 pairs left in Act III Black size C, trust me, that’s all there is.

Where are all the petite girls?

I’m surprised that A and B are the least ordered sizes.  I (apparently, wrongly) always associated petiteness with femininity.  And, naturally, I think of pantyhose-wearing girls as being very feminine.  But I must be wrong.  In all three styles of ActSensuous, we have more inventory in size A than all the other sizes.  Who’dathunkit?

Speaking of sizes A and B

When I first brought you Act III a few years ago, our team convinced me that we should make one size that would fit both A and B wearers.  It made sense from an inventory and space issues point of view.

We tried it, and introduced a few of the Act III colors in size A/B.  Only problem was, we screwed up, accidentally making the size fit only a true size B.  Consequently, we ended up making Act III in true A and true B sizes after all.

Today, if you order Act III in size B and you receive a pair labeled size A/B, don’t worry — it’s a size B.   Check the height/weight on the label against the others labeled just size B and you’ll see they’re the same.


Discreet shipping

Out of deference to your privacy, ActSensuous is always discreet in shipping our products.

For destinations within the United States, we typically ship via Priority Mail by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

A typical package and label ActSensuous sends out. Don't tell Nancy we showed you this.

A typical package and label ActSensuous sends out. Don’t tell Nancy we showed you this.

On our return label, we use Act IV, Act III, Act II, or ActS if there’s more than one style inside the package.

I personally send an email to each customer, telling him or her when the package was shipped, the expected delivery date and the USPS website and tracking number information.

I must say it’s a little disconcerting when I write each person a special email, yet, 95 percent of you don’t even acknowledge receiving it. The one’s who do, say they greatly appreciate the notification.

In any case, it got me thinking that I shouldn’t send the notifications, especially to the men who place orders because, perhaps, it’s a gift for a wife or girlfriend, and maybe he doesn’t want her to stumble upon the email, ruining the surprise.

For new customers anyway, I will continue to send out the notification emails, so let me say now: If you don’t want to be alerted (for whatever reason), please just send me an email after you place your order and ask me not to do it.

And for longtime customers  who do want your tracking number, feel free to send me an email requesting it.

International shipments

We have customers on every continent, in hundreds of countries — even in Bangladesh.

For our customers abroad, we ship via First-Class Pkg International by the USPS. We use the same kind of labels, but we have to fill out a Customs Declaration form, which gets attached to the package.

For the description, we always write “apparel.” That works as long as the package is under 4 pounds. When it’s more than 4 pounds, we have to fill out a longer form, which requires a detailed description of the contents.

While the USPS doesn’t offer tracking information for international shipments, I write an email to those customers, giving them the Customs form number, which sometimes offers some insight into the status of the package.

Accurate contact info essential

When filling out your Buyer and Ship-to information on the shopping cart order forms, one of the more important components for us is your email address.

Sometimes, we might need to contact you about your order. For example, let’s say you’re ordering Suntan size 2X in our Act II line. It shows up under Options in the dropdown menu for sizes, but there might be only one pair left, and if someone else just beat you to that pair before we could take it out of the menu, we’d end up having to write and tell you we don’t have Suntan in size 2X, and give you some options for a substitution or a refund.

Something like this happened recently. A customer placed an order for a product that had been discontinued. I wrote him a letter at the email address associated with his PayPal account. When I didn’t get a reply within a few days, I wrote a second email, then, a week or so later, I wrote a third.

I had given up and was going to issue a refund when the customer wrote to us wondering where his order was. His email came from an address that was different than what he had put on his order form. That explained everything. Turns out, the email address was legitimate, but it was one he didn’t really use, meaning he never saw any of my three attempts to reach him.

In any event, the customer ended up waiting almost a month to receive an order that should have taken less than a week.

Please make sure you give us an accurate email address. In most cases, you’ll never hear from us, except if there’s an issue with your order, or to give you tracking information when we ship your order out.

Check here once in a while. Quick hits is a place where you can find a brief announcement, which isn’t newsworthy enough for the News page, but still important enough to alert you.