Secret to applying a coupon code here

Whether you’re a delegate within one of the many beauty pageant organizations we sponsor, or a customer ready to place an order during a special we’re running, applying a coupon code here can be a bit confusing.  Possibly, even frustrating.

From the WooCommerce order form, the first time you’ll see “Apply Coupon” is on the Shopping Cart page.  Please don’t bother clicking that.  It won’t do anything.  (It’s a glitch in the system.)  Instead, apply your coupon code at the Checkout page, which comes up next in the process.

You’ll see this: “Have a coupon code?  Click here to enter your code.”   Just click on that link, fill in the code in the little window that appears, and click in the “Apply Coupon” box.  You will see an indication that you’ve applied your code successfully.

If you have any difficulty, don’t worry.  Just send me an email to let me know.  Actually, you can’t go wrong because even if you don’t apply the coupon successfully, I will see that on our end and will simply refund the discount difference back to your PayPal account.

Accurate contact info essential

When filling out your Buyer and Ship-to information on the shopping cart order forms, one of the more important components for us is your email address.

Sometimes, we might need to contact you about your order. For example, let’s say you’re ordering Suntan size 2X in our Act II line. It shows up under Options in the dropdown menu for sizes, but there might be only one pair left, and if someone else just beat you to that pair before we could take it out of the menu, we’d end up having to write and tell you we don’t have Suntan in size 2X, and give you some options for a substitution or a refund.

Something like this happened recently. A customer placed an order for a product that had been discontinued. I wrote him a letter at the email address associated with his PayPal account. When I didn’t get a reply within a few days, I wrote a second email, then, a week or so later, I wrote a third.

I had given up and was going to issue a refund when the customer wrote to us wondering where his order was. His email came from an address that was different than what he had put on his order form. That explained everything. Turns out, the email address was legitimate, but it was one he didn’t really use, meaning he never saw any of my three attempts to reach him.

In any event, the customer ended up waiting almost a month to receive an order that should have taken less than a week.

Please make sure you give us an accurate email address. In most cases, you’ll never hear from us, except if there’s an issue with your order, or to give you tracking information when we ship your order out.

Check here once in a while. Quick hits is a place where you can find a brief announcement, which isn’t newsworthy enough for the News page, but still important enough to alert you.