NewAct IV debuts today

We did it.

We did what they (U.S. pantyhose manufacturers) all said couldn’t be done. Yet, here they are: The NewAct IV, featuring all the design parameters we tried in 2014.

Pro model, Sofie, appears in the NewAct IV Nude.

Pro model, Sofie, wearing NewAct IV Nude.

Well, all those U.S. pantyhose manufacturers actually were right. No one here could make my design (100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist, with a one-stitch design for evenness in color and fabric from waist to toe, and with no reinforced areas).

But our friends in China can. And they did. We provided the design parameters and they made New Act IV exactly as requested the first time.

When we first launched the original Act IV in March 2014, we had made them in that design, but they were so delicate, they would run upon first putting them on.

Now, 2 years and a month later, we are launching NewAct IV, only this time, they passed some Ninja Warrior-like testing, and they simply do not run. I tested the very first samples and wore the same pair five days in a row (yes, I washed them between wears), and even I was surprised at how well they held up.

New Act IV deserves its own identity, including a new package.

NewAct IV deserves its own identity, including a new package.

Then, some of our professional models and a few of our favorite customers tested them. Everyone found the same thing —  NewAct IV just don’t run. So we made many thousands of them. We began manufacturing them in November 2015 and now in April 2016, after traveling by sea, air and roads to get here, after passing through customs, and our paying import fees and taxes seemingly at every turn, the NewAct IV are here for you.

I thought about just keeping the name, Act IV, but everything about these pantyhose are new. Yes, my design concept is the same, but everything is done differently. After all the NewAct IV have gone through, they deserve their own identity.

I want to thank all those on our team who worked so hard to make this happen, including Joe, Deb, David, and our new VP, Lin Lin (Rosemary).

Mostly, I want to thank our thousands of loyal customers who waited these 2 years, but kept in touch, letting us know they would wait. Many of them encouraged us and asked us not to give up.   So many of you maintained such a positive demeanor, it kept us motivated the whole way.

For all of you, NewAct IV are here.  Enjoy and ActSensuous.


Efforts ongoing in redesign of Act IV

November 2014 — For the past couple of months, I’ve been working with our R&D and Quality Assurance teams to redesign Act IV, as they have a propensity to run from the center seam, down the inside thigh, upon first putting them on.

The issue is I created Act IV to be ultra delicate, but that concept has flaws, which are inherent in my design.  The challenge is my wanting to keep Act IV unlike most other brands and styles of pantyhose available on the market.

Everyone else uses spandex, reinforced areas and/or a gusset panel.  Making Act IV in 100 percent nylon (no spandex), with no reinforced areas and no gusset panel is what makes ActSensuous different.  That’s why our pantyhose are the softest, silkiest and sexiest available anywhere in the world.

But because they so easily run upon first putting them on, we need to make some changes to the design.  I’ve been unwilling to compromise regarding the core design principles of ActSensuous, so for now, we at least are experimenting with different ideas.  So far, we’ve tried adding 3 inches in length to each size so the wearer won’t have to tug too hard to get the pantyhose up to the crotch, and we’ve slightly tightened the knit to make the fabric a bit more durable.  Neither has solved the problem, so now, we are experimenting with the center seam itself.

We tried making a thicker, stronger center, but that also failed.  The problem is that with no reinforced panel or spandex in the panty-area of Act IV, there is nothing onto which to sew the center seam, except the delicate all-nylon fabric we use from waist to toe.

The obvious solutions are creating a T-bar (a reinforced panel that runs vertically from the waistband down the center of the panty-area to the crotch).  Typically, a T-bar is maybe about 4 inches wide, and it’s reinforced enough to sew the center seam on securely.  It might be possible to make it less reinforced and not that wide.

Right now, we’re still brainstorming ideas and experimenting with designs.  Of course, the goal always is being able to keep Act IV 100 percent nylon and completely sheer-to-waist.

Until we resolve this issue, I recommend that you don’t order Act IV.  If you really, really want to, of course, we’ll fill your order.  We just don’t want you to be disappointed.