Act III flying out the door

It’s nice to see you taking advantage of the blowout prices on Act III.  They are rapidly disappearing.

We are updating the Products page of the website almost daily to ensure inventory is accurate and counting down properly.  So, if you see there are only 3 pairs left in Act III Black size C, trust me, that’s all there is.

Where are all the petite girls?

I’m surprised that A and B are the least ordered sizes.  I (apparently, wrongly) always associated petiteness with femininity.  And, naturally, I think of pantyhose-wearing girls as being very feminine.  But I must be wrong.  In all three styles of ActSensuous, we have more inventory in size A than all the other sizes.  Who’dathunkit?

Speaking of sizes A and B

When I first brought you Act III a few years ago, our team convinced me that we should make one size that would fit both A and B wearers.  It made sense from an inventory and space issues point of view.

We tried it, and introduced a few of the Act III colors in size A/B.  Only problem was, we screwed up, accidentally making the size fit only a true size B.  Consequently, we ended up making Act III in true A and true B sizes after all.

Today, if you order Act III in size B and you receive a pair labeled size A/B, don’t worry — it’s a size B.   Check the height/weight on the label against the others labeled just size B and you’ll see they’re the same.


2 thoughts on “Act III flying out the door

  1. Always interesting to check in on your site to see what’s new. Sorry to hear about the design flaw with Act IV. It must be very frustrating trying to produce your ideal of the best all nylon pantyhose. I’m sure you’re aware that Thomas Edison failed 100’s of time before he finally created a dependable light bulb. Keep it up and thanks for all that you do and say for those among us who love women who wear nylons. I admire you for living and working on your passion.

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