ABOUT ActSensuous

Professional model, Yesenia, wears ActSensuous pantyhose (Act IV Black).

Professional model, Yesenia, wears ActSensuous pantyhose (Act IV Black).

ActSensuous makes only 100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose.  Our customers from every corner of the planet say ActSensuous are the softest, most luxurious and most comfortable pantyhose they’ve ever worn.

Why is that significant?  Today, most pantyhose are made with Lycra®, the world’s most popular and widely-known brand of spandex (a synthetic fiber of rubber compounds known for its elasticity).  First developed by DuPont scientists in 1958 as an alternative to rubber for use in corsets and other innerwear, Lycra (today, a trademark of Invista) consists of polymer chains in rigid and flexible portions to allow fiber to both stretch and retain its shape.

Spandex (more commonly called elastane throughout the world) became popular during the 1970s and 1980s as the preferred fabric in cycling shorts and other athletic clothing, as well as wet suits and surgical compression garments.

ActSensuous doesn’t make that kind of pantyhose.  What makes us different?


No pantyhose fabric looks better, feels better or is sexier than nylon.

I believe pantyhose manufacturers have gone too far in their use of spandex, producing fabrics that are so tight they compress and diminish the natural curves of a woman’s legs, in the process, defeating the very purpose of pantyhose — to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs.

With respect to the millions of fetishists who love the kind of ultra shiny, super tight-fitting pantyhose made with spandex, it is my belief that these are the very properties that led to women complaining that pantyhose are too restrictive and uncomfortable.

Only pantyhose made of 100 percent nylon offer the look, the feel and sex-appeal you want. And, while ActSensuous are all-nylon, they are designed with a close knit so they won’t sag.  Rather, they remain soft and comfortable to wear, and ultra silky and sexy to the touch.

All sheer

Many brands of pantyhose offer a style they call sheer-to-waist, but they all seem to have some compromises: A reinforced panel here, a cotton gusset there, or the fabric contains spandex (a man-made synthetic of rubberized materials).  ActSensuous pantyhose are completely sheer from waist to toe. There are no reinforced panels, no sewn-in gusset panel, no reinforced heel or toe.  Just a delicate little seam that separates you from the rest of the world.

 Very special

ActSensuous pantyhose can be worn for everyday use, but there’s also nothing better for those special occasions.


Blame it on celebs

Starting around the mid-1990s, professional models, entertainers and Hollywood actresses influenced what I call the “bare legs culture,” which went on to dominate the fashion scene through the entire decade of 2000.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is (perhaps, unfairly) blamed for starting the bare legs movement with her “Sex and the City” television series and movies, in which the professional women characters gallivanted throughout New York City (fashion capital of the world) in fabulous outfits, but bare-legged.  (In real life, SJP is a frequent pantyhose wearer.)  The show naturally stirred an anti-pantyhose craze that swept the United States, and eventually, most of the world, brainwashing women into thinking pantyhose were “not in style.”

That, coupled with an ever-pervasive casualization surrounding dressing (and values) in society, led to bare legs invading even the workplace.  Thankfully, there remained a few professional, classy and feminine women who never bought into the trend.

Hey, bare legs in shorts or a sun dress with sandals in a casual environment is great.  But going bare-legged is unprofessional in the office, tasteless in a formal setting, and just plain silly with designer gowns and elegant dresses or skirts with sexy high heels.

They are uncomfortable” (What?)

Today, hosiery manufacturers seem to believe that all women want or need support hose to hold everything in, or “massage” their legs.  It’s more like kill their tummies and cut off circulation to their feet.  No wonder women complain about wearing pantyhose.

If women want to wear surgical compression- or athletic performance-style hosiery on their legs  for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine, and there are plenty of places to find them.

That wasn’t the idea

Pantyhose were intended to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs, not function as a girdle or corset.

In the late 1960s and into the ’70s and ’80s, pantyhose were predominantly all-nylon. They were the softest, most delicate and ultra feminine thing a woman could wear. They were beautiful, elegant and sexy.  The fabric moved on the leg and felt beautiful to the touch. They certainly were not thought of as uncomfortable.

Why ActSensuous?

With all the negative press that’s hounded pantyhose since the mid- to late-1990s, we might have lost an entire generation of young women who’ve missed out on the beauty, the femininity and the sheer sensuality of wearing pantyhose.  And sadly, that would also affect a generation of young men who would never come to experience the mystique and the sheer ecstacy associated with women in nylon-adorned legs.

I miss the days when it was an absolute thrill for young women (and their men) to experience the beauty and sheer femininity in wearing pantyhose for the first time.  I created ActSensuous to bring back the beauty, the glamour, the elegance, and the ultimate sexiness associated with pantyhose.

If you want to experience the look, the feel, and the sensual qualities of 100 percent nylon, you will find it in ActSensuous pantyhose; the way nylons used to be … the way it was intended.

Why not become an ActSensuousGirl today.  You’ll fall in love with pantyhose for the first time, or all over again.