About NewAct IV

Professional model, Shazel, wearing NewAct IV Suntan.

Professional model, Shazel, wearing NewAct IV Suntan.

Exactly two years and one month after unsuccessfully launching original Act IV, today (April 12, 2016), we are proud to introduce NewAct IV.

Still our grandest vision for the softest, silkiest, most beautiful and decidedly feminine pantyhose available anywhere, NewAct IV are everything we meant for original Act IV to be … and MORE.

First, NewAct IV are very tough (though we recommend you don’t try wrestling a grizzly bear in them), yet somehow, they are even softer and silkier than before.

Here’s what you get in NewAct IV

  • 100 percent nylon (no Lycra/spandex, meaning no constricting, no shine)
  • 20 Denier luxurious premium nylon fabric
  • Completely sheer-to-waist (no gusset panel, no demarcations or reinforced areas)
  • One-stitch selection from waist to toe for complete evenness in fabric and shade
  • No finger band (the shaded area under the waistband that prevents one from puncturing the fabric with the thumb when putting on)
  • A slightly looser knit than Act II, but slightly tighter than Act III
  • A flatter, softer waistband for more comfort
  • Colors: Black, Nude, Suntan for now
  • Sizes: A, B, C, D,  2X

Notice a couple things that are different: (1.) We are making Black, Nude and Suntan only.  For now.  We hope to offer other colors in the future; (2.) We have eliminated size 1X.

Don’t fret though.  We’ve increased the height and weight capacities of size D to make up the difference.  And some of you will appreciate that our size 2X is bigger and more accommodating than before.

We know you will enjoy NewAct IV.  And you can find out for yourself right now.